The keys to lose weight in 2021: 13 tips that you can put into practice in your day to day

 If your star purpose in 2021 is to lose weight once and for all, we leave 13 tips that you can put into practice in your day to day to lose weight .

Choose water as your main drink and drink adequate amounts each day

Good hydration is key to controlling body weight and if we are thirsty, we can confuse this feeling with hunger. Therefore, we recommend drinking enough water every day , the need being greater if it is hot, if we do a lot of physical activity or eat more.

Of course, the recommended drink is water or sparkling water, herbal teas or water with natural flavors such as water with fruits, vegetables, herbs or spices, but always without added sugar .

Add fruits and vegetables to your dishes

The fruits and vegetables several are foods low caloric density , ie, have few calories relative to volume offered and that is largely due to its high content aqueous.

In addition, fruits and vegetables provide high-quality nutrients to our body, being able to contribute to satiety or hunger control and thus, promote weight loss.

Avoid alcohol whenever possible

Alcohol is a substance that provides empty calories , that is, calories without beneficial nutrients to the body. In addition, once in our body it is consumed as a priority as a source of energy, thus hindering the burning of fats .

For this reason, and because there are no benefits even in small doses , we recommend avoiding alcohol whenever possible when losing weight .

Eat slowly, chewing each bite well

The more time we dedicate to a meal, the more satiety and the less amount of food we enter the body, therefore, we suggest eating slowly and chewing each bite well .

Chewing is an essential process for the digestion of what we eat and can greatly contribute to quench hunger as well as promote satiation , helping to eat less at each meal .

Likewise, to eat slowly we can use cutlery , leave them between one bite or another or drink water between bites in addition to chewing more.

Record what you consume every day

Having a record or being aware of what we eat is very helpful to control what we eat , therefore, we recommend recording on a sheet as a food diary or with the help of a mobile application , everything that we enter our body.

It is essential to point out ingestions between meals, snacks and also drinks that can add calories to our diet without realizing it or satiating us.

Cook and eat more at home

The food that we can buy outside the home will always have more calories and fewer nutrients than what we can make at home with our own hands.

That is why cooking more, and eating more at home to aim for a more conscious , moderate and controlled diet can be of great help.

In a restaurant or fast food establishment, we will not only eat food of poorer quality and more calories, but we can lose track of what we consume, eating larger portions than those we can present at home .

Avoid sugar and everything that contains it

The added or free sugars are nutrients that should avoid in the diet if we want health care and especially to lose weight.

Like alcohol, they provide only calories to the body without any quality nutrient, therefore, it is essential to replace it, being able to use artificial sweeteners or natural sugars in replacement of table sugar, honey, syrups or syrups.

Choose healthy cooking methods and avoid frying

To avoid adding unnecessary calories or poor quality fats , as well as losing nutrients that the body needs, we recommend choosing healthy cooking methods .

As a substitute for fried foods, we recommend using baking, grilling or others such as steam cooking, which is the most advisable for vegetables, since it allows preserving colors, flavors and vitamins as well as minerals.

Prioritize the intake of fresh and seasonal foods

One of the great enemies of our diet are the ultra-processed ones that concentrate sugars, refined flours , fats and calories without satiating us at all.

Therefore, we recommend when losing weight to prioritize the intake of fresh and seasonal foods , avoiding as much as possible highly industrialized products that not only add bad nutrients and calories but at the same time, are not satiating at all.

Replace refined cereals with whole grains and legumes

The cereals are very present in our usual diet foods, however, industrialized and white options are only carbohydrate source that is easily assimilated , without satiate and stimulating fat storage.

For this reason, we recommend replacing refined cereals with whole grains and legumes , since the latter have more fiber and vegetable proteins, easily satiating us and therefore helping us to eat less and lose weight.

Reduce your salt intake and use more spices and seasonings

Table salt is one of the most used condiments in our dishes, and although it does not add calories, it is known that excess sodium damages health and pushes us to eat more , thus hindering weight loss .

On the other hand, spices and condiments provide good nutrients to the body, accentuating the flavor of our dishes and helping, in many cases, to stimulate the metabolism and lose weight.

Using small plates and bringing them to the table

To control the portions and thus eat less, it is advisable to bring the dishes served to the table and keep them small . As human beings we are "completers" and we tend to always leave the plate empty .

Therefore, if we use small plates, we always eat less and perceive the same feeling of satiety as using large plates.

In addition, bringing a complete and large preparation to the table encourages us to eat more, so it is better to serve the dishes and bring them to the table like that, leaving the food source in an invisible place .

Eat whenever possible seated and at the table

To promote registration or awareness of what we eat , it is always advisable to avoid actions parallel to food intake.

Therefore, the best we can do is eat whenever possible seated and at the table , without television, without music or computer on our par with us. Attention must be placed on the food and on each bite that enters the body, being able of course, to socialize or talk while we eat.

These are 13 keys that will help us lose weight in 2021 , gradually and without miracles, always protecting the body.

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