How to tie a tie and be perfect at any event


Tying a tie knot seems easy. However, as soon as you try it for yourself, you realize that tying a tie is not that simple. Do you want to learn how to tie ties easily? In this blog we want to help you and that is why we show you step by step how to tie a tie easily so that you can be the perfect gentleman with your suit at work or at a wedding. Take a look at the pictures, follow the steps and become a master in this art.

Tying a tie: the different tie knots

Before you start, you need to know how you want to tie your tie . There are several ways to tie a tie such as the simple knot (which you can guess is very easy), the double Windsor (a bit more elegant), the Shelby or Pratt knot (it looks like the Windsor knot but is less wide) and the knot Kent (small knot). When you are clear about which tie knot is the one you want to make, we can start!

Some knots:

  1. The simple tie knot
  2. The double Windsor tie knot
  3. The Shelby or Pratt tie knot
  4. The Kent tie knot

1. The simple tie knot

This knot is as the name suggests: simple. If you want a tie knot that doesn't require a lot of effort, then this is the knot for you!

Step 1 : Put the tie around the neck with the inside of the tie facing up (backwards) and place the wide end of the tie on the right side and the small end on the left and then cross the ends. In terms of length, the wide end should fall just above the belly button. Step 2 : Place the wide end on top of the narrow part and hold it at the top. Step 3 : With the wide end held, pass that part under the other end to pass it through the hollow of the neck. Step 4 : Pass the wide end through the loop made in step 2.  Step 5 : pull the wide end to adjust the tie and voila, you have made your simple knot.

2. Windsor tie knot

The Windsor knot is a slightly thicker knot, which radiates self-confidence. Therefore, it is the perfect knot for important meetings or when you have a presentation. These are the steps to make a double Windsor knot:

Step 1 : Put the tie around your neck, this time clean side up. The thin end is on the right and the wide end is on the left. Then cross the smaller end under the wider end. Step 2 : Make a loop with the wide end, passing through the neck opening. Step 3 : Take the widest end down. Step 4: Move the wide end to the left. Step 5 : Pass the wide end through the neck opening. Step 6 : Release the wide side of the bow on the left. Step 7 : Next, twist the wider end just over the smaller end. Step 8: Pull the wider end through the neck opening again. Step 9 : Take the widest side through the loop. Step 10 : You have your double Windsor knot, hooray!

3. Shelby or Pratt tie knot

If you are looking for a way to tie your tie that suits slightly wider collared shirts , this is the knot for you! Here are the steps of the Shelby or Pratt knot:

Step 1 :  Put the tie around the neck, inside facing up. The thin end that is on the right, you cross over the wide end. Step 2: Hold the thin end and pull the wide end through the neck opening. Step 3: Let the wide end come out on the right with the inside facing up. Step 4: Bring the wide end to the left overhead. Step 5 : Then pull the wide end through the neck opening again. Step 6: and finally pass the wide end through the central knot. Step 7 : You would now have your Shelby or Pratt knot.

4. Kent tie knot

The Kent knot is a smaller tie knot that gives a contemporary and more casual look. See how it's done:

Step 1: 
Put the tie around your neck with the clean one facing up. The thin end on the right. Now turn the inside of the wide end up, this way, only the clean side visible on the back of the neck will remain. Step 2 : Cross the thin end through the wide end. Step 3: Then you pass the wide end of the tie over the narrow side, leaving the clean part of the wide end visible. Step 4: Pass the wide end through the neck loop. Step 5: and you would have the Kent knot. It was easy right?

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