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How to get free Bitcoins?

  • The price of Bitcoin makes it almost impossible for some people to get hold of a BTC, or even some satoshis, however there are some options that will help you get your first cryptos, for free!
  • REMEMBER: If an initial investment is requested or our private keys are required, we are faced with the possibility that they will be stolen.

Anyone who says they never wanted to earn money by doing nothing is lying. Wouldn't you like to have more and more Mexican pesos sitting on the couch at home with a minimum of effort? Of course it would be great.

Before you jump right in, we make an important warning: you are not going to become a millionaire. However, with time and dedication, you can raise enough money to treat yourself to a luxury. There are no magic formulas, although we have some options that will help you make your first satoshis.


This is about filling captchas or viewing advertisements without any risk. These websites reward their users with small portions of BTC. It is the most popular mechanism when it comes to seeing a small growth in the virtual wallet.

Depending on each platform, withdrawals can be made with certain time intervals. They can be every 72 hours, once a week or on a daily basis. Some will ask for any wallet, while others are associated with certain exchanges where one can quickly open an account. Here are five examples.

  • FreeBitcoin : It works as if it were a lottery game, in which the user can make one spin per hour. Then, to receive the BTC, you will have to solve captchas and according to the result you will receive the number of satoshis. The platform also pays interest for maintaining the balance in the page's wallet.
  • Contiply : The platform, which mentions that it has 1.7 million users, has many options for you to earn money. Fill out surveys, install apps, play games, watch ads, videos, or faucet, for example. You can not only charge in BTC, but also in DOGE.

  • BTClicks : This option pays for visiting different websites. Previously it delivered up to 0.00006 mBTC per ad, while now it has decreased to 0.00004. It has a referral system, in which you can earn more money. The minimum to withdraw is 0.1 mBTC.
  • : The platform works since 2012 and has faucets to solve. It allows you to claim satoshis every five minutes and is available to users from all over the world.

  • CryptTab : This is a different alternative in which through a mining system users are rewarded with BTC for the power provided by their computers. It is necessary to download a browser to put it into operation.


This is nothing other than the gift of cryptocurrencies to those people who meet certain conditions. These actions allow companies, for example, to position a cryptocurrency in the market or achieve publicity for new products.

What can you ask for? Sharing content on social networks is an option. Other times it is only enough to have a virtual wallet. In order not to miss out on these opportunities, there is a page that has an airdrop calendar .

Online games and applications

This is another sector that offers great rewards and in many cases we are rewarded for playing. The higher our score, the more BTC that will enter our account. Let's take the examples of Blockchain Game and Satoshiquiz .

The first is a game available for Android cell phones and a chain of blocks must be completed, the longer it is, the greater the reward in BTC, although the rewards are low, you will be able to make yourself a few satoshis little by little.

The second, meanwhile, is a page where you have to answer questions on different topics. The motto is: "Knowledge is money." The categories are varied, from movies, books, brands, sports, countries, among others.

Affiliate programs

To encourage their clients to add friends, family or acquaintances, exchanges offer this referral system. The prize varies depending on the company, but it can be reward points, BTC or a fiat currency bonus. In this case, one had to make an initial investment.

Mining and stacking

In this alternative it is also necessary to make a first investment to obtain profits. Mining, which almost all cryptocurrencies are based on, requires a lot of money. You need to have the right equipment to see results. Once everything you need has been purchased (video cards, sources, hard drive, among other things), with a 24-hour operation, the BTC, ETH or the currency to be mined will arrive.

Stacking, unlike mining, does not require special items, but cryptocurrencies. You lock your funds so that the network works and works better. Stacking can be monthly or daily. The longer, the more prize.

Large exchanges have this option that works like a fixed term in a traditional bank. The BTC one delivers a 1.20% average annual return. Lower value cryptocurrencies have better returns.

Avoid fraud

For those who thought that getting their first cryptocurrency is very complicated, now they know that it is not like that and that you can get free Bitcoins in many ways. There are options for all tastes and needs, since they require very little interaction, to those that offer you entertainment options.

However, it must be borne in mind that not all options are legitimate and that there are some sites that try to take advantage of the most unwary and carry out scams. Remember that if the offer asks for a payment of any kind and you do not know exactly what you will receive in return, it is very likely that it is a scam, or also if it offers you large amounts of money in return and many benefits , in a very short time.

To avoid falling for this type of scam, we invite you to read the article How to avoid cryptocurrency scams .

Once the experience is acquired, the road will be traveled with greater security and it will surely be attractive and an easy way to earn the desired cryptocurrency. Obtaining Bitcoins is an interesting way. It is a matter of finding the appropriate, safe way and proceeding.

You already have the best recommendations, so don't waste any more time and put the machinery to work. Many free BTC are waiting for you!

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